Dronavia Matrice 300 RTK ZÉPHYR Double Parachute - External Circuit Breaker



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  • Dronavia Matrice 300 RTK ZÉPHYR Double Parachute - External Circuit Breaker
  • The Zéphyr M300 double parachute and circuit breaker set for DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone allows you to secure your flights and slow down the fall speed of your Matrice 300 RTK in case of trouble, simply by asking to shut down the motors and deploy the parachute with the dedicated stand-alone remote control.
  • The most reliable parachute system on the market : 100% redundant ! 

    The basic parachute kit includes an ultra-fast double CO2 canvas ejection system as well as a dedicated autonomous remote control with 30 hours of autonomy, to be attached to the Smart Controller.

    The parachute is also available in a DGAC S2 S3 approved kit with an internal circuit breaker (to be installed in the workshop) or external (to be inserted between the batteries and the drone). Each version of circuit breaker includes an audible alarm and support to power and charge the parachute when the drone is on.

    The most reliable parachute system with engine shutdown in the world

    The double canvas parachute + kit external circuit breaker is the most reliable solution available with a weight of 760 g. Equipped with PARA² canvas, the system is completely redundant! In the event of failure, the deployment of only one of the canvas makes it possible to maintain the speed of fall under the bar of 4.15 m/s for a weight of 8 kg, and limits the energy at the impact to only 46 J. 

    The external circuit breakers are also redundant, in the event of a loss of a battery, a module is able to collect all the power necessary to keep the drone in the air while it needs to land in an emergency. The circuit breaker can be used alone, without a parachute, in order to increase the available load and the flight time for scenario S2. 

    Ultra-fast system setup

    Attached to the drone's foot supports, the parachute can be disassembled in less than a minute. The kit with the external circuit breakers can also be dismantled in a few seconds. Circuit breaker modules are simply inserted between the batteries and the drone. They directly include the audible alarm. Their weight is 200 g. 

    All the kit elements can be stored in the original flight case supplied by DJI with the drone. 

    The fastest, most reliable and efficient CO2 system

    The Zéphyr parachute CO2 ejection system has been proven and used by a majority of French drone pilots for more than 5 years. Numerous successive tests and improvements have brought this system to levels of reliability never before achieved on a drone parachute. 

    The pressurized gas (60 bars!) is released in a fraction of a second to propel the parachute canvas out of its container. The excess gas released (each cartridge contains several tens of liters) is used to accelerate the deployment of the canvases and minimize the loss of altitude when the parachute is triggered. 

    The system can be reset in a few seconds. The CO2 cartridge is the only consumable that needs to be changed on the system after deployment and a cartridge only costs a few dollars. 

    On the Zéphyr M300 double canvas parachute system, the CO2 ejection system allows the canopies to be expelled and opened in just 0.83 s, which corresponds to a loss of altitude of 10 m from an initial fall speed of about 6 m/s.

    The lightest, most stable and efficient drone parachute covers

    The new PARA² canvas used in Zéphyr parachute systems are the result of 3 years of development. Their innovative ultra-light design and unique design give PARA² canvas superior efficiency and stability. On single canvas systems, the sink rate is reduced to a minimum relative to the canvas area. Used in pairs, PARA² canvas do not interfere with each other and optimize the overall drop rate. Each Zephyr parachute is designed so that the canvas(s) keep the drone as flat as possible during its fall so as to minimize damage during impact.

    On the Zéphyr M300 double canvas parachute system, the fall speed for a mass of 8 kg is only 3.35 m/s, i.e. an impact energy of only 46 J, much lower than the maximum 69 J authorized in France.

    A long-range encrypted communication system

    The long-range communication system between the radio and the parachute is based on advanced technologies and Lora modulation. Its range can reach several kilometers in optimal conditions and a long range option makes it possible to exceed 10 km. 

    The communication protocol is based on 869 MHz frequencies, free of authorization (433 and 915 MHz options possible). 128-bit encryption ensures data is not intercepted and the user is notified in the event of a communication disruption. 

    Convenient features for the user

    The parachute, circuit breaker and radio control modules are equipped with LED's for status indication and advanced functions. 
    The LED's indicate the remaining battery charge when switching on and off as well as the battery level during charging. In operation, they indicate the instantaneous state of the system: correct operation, loss of radio link, low battery level, etc.
    Coupled with a circuit breaker, the parachute turns on automatically when the drone is turned on. Without a signal and if you forget to switch off the parachute or the radio control, the modules switch off automatically after 10 minutes. 

    A time-stamped log system integrated on the parachute and the radio. It records the trigger actions performed by the user for diagnostic purposes.

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